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jQuery.spritely is licensed under MIT or GPL licenses.



The most recent release of Spritely is version 0.6.8. Download as a zip

Spritely is also available on the jQuery plugins site and on the cdnjs content delivery network.


Other recent releases of Spritely

You can get any of the most recent releases of Spritely on the Releases page for the Github repository, here:

Spritely Releases


Development versions

You can get the current development version of Spritely by cloning the git repository. From the command line:

$ git clone


Legacy versions

Older versions of Spritely (<= 0.6.1) are available in the Spritely Archive repository, which can be found on Github:

Spritely Archive



Spritely requires jQuery, which must be loaded before Spritely on your web page.

Download jQuery.


If you're using the .isDraggable() method, you will also need jQuery UI with the Draggable behaviour.

Download jQuery UI